Hybrid Deemed Incentive Methodology for HVAC Control Retrofits

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Commercial Office
Commercial, Small
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Building Controls
HVAC, Commercial
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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This report presents a number of new supporting controls technologies that have the potential to enable new energy-saving functionalities in buildings. However, not finding any appropriate existing tools to estimate energy savings, the Consultant developed streamlined methods that can be used to estimate savings, determine hybrid-deemed incentives, and verify measure installation and implementation. This report demonstrates how hybrid-deemed incentives can be used as a viable energy efficiency program option. These incentives can not only stimulate the market for new controls technologies, but can help ensure their proper commissioning and use to maximize their energy savings.

The methods used are based on building energy models based on California Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) prototypes. The Consultant developed models for four building prototypes, using wireless pneumatic thermostats (WPTs) as the supporting technology to enable six new functionalities. The modeling results were correlated using regression analysis, to deliver a tool that can estimate savings, screen potential measures, and determine program incentives. In addition, this report established the various types of information that programs can use to verify baseline conditions, installation, and proper implementation of supporting technologies and their new functionalities.

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