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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooler Evaluation Project Number PGE 0507 Investor Owned Utilities PG&E End-use HVAC Sector Residential Project Year(s) 2005 - 2006

Project Summary

Two-stage or indirect-direct evaporative cooling technology offers the best opportunity for replacing air conditioning in California. The existing two-stage evaporative cooler on the market does not achieve the full potential of this technology. Previous lab testing has shown an achieved evaporative effectiveness of 88 to 98%. The OASys product, the result of a CEC PIER Program, appears to be able to achieve the technology potential. Lab and fields monitoring has indicated that the OASys technology can achieve evaporative effectiveness from 104 to 111%. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.

Project Report Document
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