Indirect Evaporative Cooling for a Shopping Mall

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Markets Segments: 
Commercial, Small
Educational Facilities
Government - Institutional Facilities
Project Type: 
Electric Energy Savings
Type of Technology: 
Evaporative Cooling
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
Project Status: 
Applied Research
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This project was a field assessment of indirect evaporative cooling for ventilation air for a mall in Fairfield, CA in which a new RTU was retrofitted with a direct evaporative pre-cooler at the condenser inlet, and a water to air heat exchanger at the ventilation air inlet.

This study was performed in parallel and/or in sequence with four other studies, all of which assessed the performance of RTUs that employ evaporative technologies in different ways or configurations. These include:

• A lab assessment of four direct evaporative condenser pre-coolers, and one air supply indirect evaporative pre-cooler.

• A field assessment at a big box retail store and grocery in Bakersfield, CA of indirect evaporative cooling units from two different manufacturers applied as retrofits to existing RTUs:

• A field assessment of an indirect evaporative unit, serving as a dedicated outside air supply (DOAS) at a restaurant in Rocklin, CA.

• Lab and field assessments of a Munters hybrid unitary dedicated outside air supply (DOAS) system. (ET12PGE3102)

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