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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title Industrial Pumps & Fans Project Number PGE 0505 Investor Owned Utilities PG&E End-use Process Sector Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial Project Year(s) 2005 - 2007

Project Summary

Pumps and fans are responsible for about 40 percent of motor energy use and account for more than a quarter of industrial electricity consumption nationally. The potential savings are more significant in pump and fan systems than for motors alone because pump energy use varies as approximately the cube of motor speed. Since flow varies linearly with motor speed, saving energy is a matter of minimizing flow for process requirements. The primary requirements to realize these savings are cost-effective methods to evaluate applications, identification of savings potentials, and delivering engineering services to customers, which are being developed and piloted in applications under this project. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.


Project Report Document
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