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Project Title 
Integrated Lighting and HVAC Controls for SMB Customers
Project Number 
Investor Owned Utilities 
HVAC, Lighting, Plug Load
Project Year(s) 
2013 - 2019

The primary objective of this project was to demonstrate energy savings in the small and medium sized business sector by means of low-cost technology retrofits that leverage advances in intelligent advices and lower-cost networked controls. 
The primary project learnings showed:

  1. Recruiting SMB customers for pilots is very difficult, in this case with an 8% success rate.
  2. SMB owners have little to no visibility into energy. Energy visualization and dashboarding provides them a significant benefit, with controls providing incremental benefits.
  3. Building and HVAC controls are difficult to run as a standalone program, but could be incorporated in conjunction with a lighting replacement program.

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