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Project Title 
Integration of DR into Title 20 for Hot Food Holding Cabinets - Phase 1
Project Number 
DR 09.05.07
Investor Owned Utilities 
Project Year(s) 
2009 - N/A

Project Summary

This project seeks to establish demand response (DR) potential for hot food holding cabinets. This project is part of a multi-phase, multi-year effort to evaluate the possible incorporation of DR regulations into the California Appliance Efficiency Regulations (Title 20). In addition to hot food holding cabinets, twelve other residential and commercial appliance categories (anti-sweat heaters on glass doors of low-temperature reach-in display cases, refrigerated beverage vending machines, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, commercial ice machines, open and closed refrigerated display cases, residential portable spas, residential appliances, residential pool pumps, home office equipment, home entertainment equipment, and laptop batteries and docking stations) were evaluated and results are represented in separate reports posted on the ETCC website.

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