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Laboratory Evaluation Of A Prototype Hybrid Air Conditioner

Project Number PGE 0907 Organization PG&E End-use HVAC Sector Commercial, Residential Project Year(s) 2009 - 2009

Project Summary

Testing was conducted to evaluate the performance of a prototype OASys™ hybrid air conditioner, which modifies their indirect/direct evaporative cooling unit with an added direct expansion (DX) system for increased range of operation.  A test plan was developed based on the previous testing done on a standard OASys™ air conditioner, with some adjustments to cover operation of the DX system. A test condition matrix was established to evaluate system performance over a range of environmental conditions, which would capture the cooling
design conditions for several locations in the PG&E service territory. Other tests were conducted to determine its sensitivity to supply air external resistance.

The results indicate that with the DX system off, the wet-bulb effectiveness and power consumption are about the same as for the standard model, but the supplied airflow is reduced by about 25% on average due to the added resistance of the evaporator coil. Activating the DX system produces 2 to 5°F cooler temperature air, but with an even larger reduction in airflow while more than tripling the power consumption. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.

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