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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title LED Direct Replacement Lamp Lighting Assessment Project Number ET09SDGE0005 Investor Owned Utilities SDG&E End-use Lighting Sector Commercial, Public, Residential Project Year(s) 2008 - 2009
In response to an overwhelming interest in innovations in LED lighting technology for the interior general illumination lighting applications, San Diego Gas & Electric’s Emerging Technologies Program (ETP) objectives with this assessment were: • identify potential LED solution for interior general illumination lighting application, specifically corridor lighting and resident entrances in a high rise condominium. • assess LED lighting technologies, validating manufacturer’s claims regarding energy savings, light levels and light characteristics, • perform a comparison of the new technology against traditional incandescent technology in a corridor and resident entrances to determine customer acceptance levels of the new LED technologies. This assessment project demonstrated that properly designed LED direct replacement lamps can provide energy savings up to 60% without compromising light characteristics required for interior general illumination applications such as corridors and resident entrances.
Project Report Document
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