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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title LED Display Case Retrofit Project Number ET09SDGE0015 Investor Owned Utilities SDG&E End-use Lighting Sector Commercial Project Year(s) 2008 - 2008
The linear LED Jewelry Case Lighting Demonstration project studied the applicability of LED fixtures in a jewelry display case installation. Pin based halogen lighting systems were replaced with new linear LED light bar fixtures in 14 jewelry cases located at Charles Koll Jewelers in San Diego. The linear LED fixtures available were installed to determine if equivalent light quality and intensity. Qualitative and quantitative light power and light measurements were taken and economic costs were estimated. Each lighting systems power requirement was based upon readings obtained by using wattsup?PRO power analyzer and data logger. As demonstrated in this project, LED lighting for the jewelry display case lighting has potential for energy savings. Both illuminance and luminance measurements indicate that the LED lighting system provides substantially higher light levels throughout the display case.
Project Report Document
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