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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title LED Street Lighting - Phase III Continuation, Oakland, CA Project Number PGE 0726 Investor Owned Utilities PG&E End-use Lighting Sector Commercial Project Year(s) 2007 - 2008

Project Summary

This report summarizes the third phase of an LED street lighting assessment project conducted to study the applicability of LED luminaires in a street lighting application. In Phase II, fifteen 78-watt LED luminaries replaced a like number of 121-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires (nominal 100-watt) in a residential area of Oakland. In Phase III, the luminaires on one of the Phase II streets were replaced with next generation LED luminaires (58 watts) from the same manufacturer. A total of 4 of the LED luminaires installed in Phase II were replaced. The same suite of lighting performance, electrical power measurements, and economic analyses performed in Phase II were performed for the Phase III LED luminaires. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.

Project Report Document
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