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Lighting Demonstration Showcase Effectiveness Study - Energy Training Center
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Commercial, Agricultural, Public, Other, Industrial, Residential
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In the summer of 2012, the Emerging Technologies program at PG&E collaborated with PG&E’s training center in Stockton, California, the Energy Training Center (ETC), to update existing lighting installations in three rooms and one hallway – replacing what are now generally considered to be standard fixtures in terms of technology and energy efficiency, with newer, more advanced lighting and control technologies. The lighting classes offered at the ETC are directed at internal and external parties, including customers, contractors, designers, architects, installers, low income segment outreach specialists, and other trade allies. As a rule, the audiences and focus of the demonstration lighting installations at the ETC tend to include more installers, contractors, efficiency auditors, and internal-to-PG&E low income energy efficiency outreach specialists. The wide array of fixtures installed in rooms at at the centers will enable a lighting class instructor to demonstrate and compare multiple types of light fixtures and technologies and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

This report analyzes the surveys gathered after demonstrations to five different classes held at the ETC in September and October 2012. All five demonstrations were performed in the ETC’s ‘residential classroom’ (RCS), which was the most extensively retrofitted of the three three rooms that were updated.

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