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Low Pressure Plastic Resin Dryer

Project Number ET 08.09 Organization SCE End-use HVAC Sector Industrial Project Year(s) 2008 - 2009

Project Summary

Plastic resin has to be dried to set moisture level prior to feeding into injection molding, blow molding, or other extrusion machines.  The conventional drying technology is to use a twin bed descant dryer for this purpose.  The twin bed is for one bed to be in drying mode while the other is in regenerative mode where the spent resin is regenerated to its original moisture absorbing capacity. Recently a new type of dryer operating on the principle of evaporation under vacuum, has emerged.  This is known generally as Low Pressure dryer.  In this system, the resin is heated to about 250 degree F, and a vacuum is pulled.  This operation results in evaporating the moisture contained in the resin.  This type of dryer is available from Novateck, Maguire dryers, and several others.

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