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Network Laptop Computer Power Management Evaluation
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This report summarizes the conducted research, sources and findings. One finding is that available information is indeed not sufficiently detailed and up to date to accurately quantify power management software savings potential. A larger scale study remains nevertheless questionable, for several reasons. When roughly approximated, the savings potential is very low, between 10-15kWh per year per laptop. This is due to inherently lower power consumption of laptops, and due to built-in power management strategies presumably being used more consistently than for desktops. Another concern is that quantifying the savings potential is quite difficult to do accurately and defensibly. Many more factors influence eligible energy consumption for laptops than for desktops. Compounding the complications is that laptops are “moving targets” due to rapid technological changes and rapid changes in the work place. Research by other parties is already underway, that, although not “spot-on”, may further inform these issues in the future.

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