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Occupancy Sensor Counting Switch
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To conduct a laboratory test in order to determine the potential energy savings of occupancy counting switch in lieu of conventional devices such as timer switch, or Pyroelectric InfraRed (PIR) and ultrasonic type occupancy sensors. The conventional technology uses occupancy sensors with switching device that response to movement within the monitoring space.  The device under evaluation utilizes sensors that are installed at the entrance/exit door, with switching device that is triggered by movement of entry or exit through the doorway. The proposed tests involve three different phases. Phase I is a baseline test using a PIR occupancy sensor to control the loads and establishes a reference of its energy consumption. Phase II is a controlled events test, using the counting switch as control for the same loads used in Phase I of the experiment.  This test evaluates the sensitivity and accuracy of the counting feature of the device under different movement scenario; it is to determine what could trigger miscount of occupants remaining in the room which may cause a false response action, such as turning off the light when the occupants are still present in the room.  Phase III of the test will provide a field evaluation of the counting switch in an office space environment, to identify whether the device can provide any energy savings. The expected outcome of this project is data to validate the performance and quantify energy savings potential under specific application scenarios. 

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