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Retail LED Lighting Assessment
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2008 - 2009

In response to an overwhelming interest in innovations in LED lighting technology for the retail merchant market segment, San Diego Gas & Electric’s objectives with this assessment were:

• identify potential LED solution for the retail merchant market segment,
• assess various manufacturers’ products in LED lighting technologies, validating manufacturer’s claims regarding energy savings, light levels and light characteristics
• perform a comparison of the new technologies against traditional high power incandescent technology in various applications, i.e. display case, focal point lighting, accent lighting etc.
• determine customer acceptance levels of the new LED technologies

This assessment project demonstrated that a complete retail showroom “makeover” can be accomplished. Significant energy savings (67% overall), improvement in customer comfort, enhanced lighting and consistency of product appearance, are possible while maintaining the desired light intensity, CCT and CRI throughout the showroom area.

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