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Project Title 
Retrofitting Existing School Buildings to ZNE - Phase 1
Project Number 
Investor Owned Utilities 
Whole Building
Project Year(s) 
2016 - 2022

Proposition 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012 (“Prop 39”), provides up to $500 million per year to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of clean energy in public schools and community colleges. SCE desires (i) to assist Customer in finding solutions to reduce energy usage and costs at the Facility, (ii) to perform and publish an analysis of the performance, energy use, and costs of the combined package of energy efficient measures (“EE Measures”) and on-site renewable energy measures (“Renewable Measures”) intended to achieve the goal of ZNE or near-ZNE, as defined by the 2014 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) at the Facility (the EE Measures and Renewable Measures are referred to collectively as the “Energy Solutions”), and (iii) to demonstrate the Energy Solutions to other potential users in order to disseminate information on this technology and encourage its widespread application.