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Smart Grid-Connected Transit Hubs
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2020 - 2023

The state of California has identified vehicles as the largest source of Green House Gas(GHG) emissions. Traffic and congestion are a part of living and working in Southern California, especially on the west side around Santa Monica. “Silicon Beach” is growing and adding to the environmental, commuting and parking struggles in the area. This project is a joint effort between SCE, UCLA, LA Metro and local real estate developers who are trying to ease these struggles and manage energy resources. This opportunity to demonstrate with the project partners how real estate owners can benefit from a “Smart Electric Hub.” It also demonstrates how to use customer side of the meter resources, help SCE manage the added load from multiple forms of charging of vehicles, including fast chargers.. This demonstration project can scale the use of light rail, electric buses and other forms of transportation, providing the cleanest method for First -Last mile strategy for transportation needs and reducing GHG.