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Street Lighting Network Controls Market Assessment

Project Number PGE 0914 Organization PG&E End-use Lighting Sector Commercial, Public Project Year(s) 2009 - 2010

This report provides a technology and market assessment of emerging network control and monitoring systems in street lighting applications.  Using network control and monitoring systems with streetlights has the potential to save a significant amount of energy.  These systems offer the ability to more precisely control on/off schedules at dusk and dawn and represent a major shift from the traditional model of lights controlled only by photocontrols, with no operator feedback.  Network systems provide citywide management and monitoring of streetlight assets from a remote location, including the potential to meter actual street lighting energy use for billing purposes.  Network controls that offer a dimming capability can also provide energy savings through adaptive street lighting control, such as reducing lighting power as conditions change (i.e. lower traffic or pedestrian volume). Additional benefits from network controls can include reduced runtimes and detection of outages and “day-burners.” 

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