Supply Side DR Pilot 2015-2016 Summary and Findings

Project Number: 
Start Year: 
End Year: 
Markets Segments: 
Agricultural - Food Processing
Commercial, Small
Industrial - Manufacturing
Project Type: 
Demand Savings
Type of Technology: 
Demand Response
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
Project Status: 
Applied Research
Savings Type: 

The Supply Side DR Pilot (SSP) was designed to study the feasibility of demand‐side resources to participate into the California Independent System Operator  (CAISO) wholesale market as proxy demand resources (PDR). The pilot study focused on understanding the issues related with direct participation of third‐parties and customers including customer acceptance; market transformation challenges (wholesale market and technology); technical and operational feasibility; and value to the rate payers, demand response (DR) resource owners and the utility on providing an enabling mechanism for DR resources into the wholesale markets.

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