Variable Compressor Speed Heat Pumps

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Electric Energy Savings
Product Evaluation
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HVAC, Residential
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Project Summary

An ET project could help the resolve the existing impasse regarding ductless mini-splits in the market, and would need to have a field demonstration component which allows actual performance to be compared to central split system heat pumps and develops best practices for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.  There is also a lab component needed to set up testing to run automatically changing conditions in an “outdoor” room.  These results would then be compared to the 4 fixed-point rating testing required by AHRI and DOE. Currently, with respect to Title 24, this equipment is treated/modeled as if they are a minimum efficiency central forced air heat pumps with ducts in the attic, which neglects any energy efficiency credit associated with duct loss. For new construction the output of the ET project could be a Compliance Option for single and multiple headed mini-split heat pumps complete with computer simulation protocols and HERS field verification requirements.  For existing construction prescriptive requirements would be developed.  A core product could be developed from the ET project.

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