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Venturi Steam Trap – Functional Laboratory Study
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2017 - 2019

GTI independently and objectively conducted laboratory testing to compare the efficacy of venturi steam traps by three manufacturers against comparably-sized mechanical steam traps at different pipe sizes, pressures, and condensate loads. Venturi steam traps provided by Thermal Energy International Inc. (TEI), Steamgard LLC, and Blue Energy Technologies (BET) were assessed. The testing was conducted based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Performance Test Code (ASME PTC) 39 – 2005 standard for measurement of steam losses in a purpose-built, instrumented steam loss piping circuit with the adjustable process operating conditions.


The objective of the functional testing was to:

Validate venturi steam traps’ performance at different pressures

Validate venturi steam traps’ performance at different condensate loads

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