Wine Cold Stabilization Energy Analysis

Agricultural / Food Processing
Project Number: 
PGE 0715
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Markets Segments: 
Agricultural - Food Processing
Project Type: 
Demand Savings
Electric Energy Savings
Type of Technology: 
Industrial Refrigeration
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Project Summary

Implementing electrodialysis wine stabilization instead of traditional cold stabilization has been demonstrated to show electrical energy and demand savings. This Project utilizes the quantitative analysis models (thermodynamic and glycol cooling model) developed in a previous study (Project No. 612) to evaluate, through site monitoring and data collection, the energy consumption of cold stabilization. 24,000 gallons of Chardonnay were cold stabilized in two insulated tanks during a 122 hours period consuming approximately 390 kWh (thermodynamic model) or 530 kWh (gylcol model). This information could be used for incentive program baseline determination. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.

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