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Wireless Lighting Controls - Automated Demand Response
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Investor Owned Utilities 
Whole Building, Lighting
Commercial, Agricultural, Public, Other
Project Year(s) 
2015 - 2016

The solution selected for study in this report is a connected LED lighting system with embedded sensors and wireless controls integrated into the luminaire. The luminaires can connect wirelessly to wireless access controls (WACs) that are connected to the EMS. This smart luminaire with wireless controls provides a dynamic approach to controlling and monitoring lighting points on the network. As a prototype, the version of the solution used for this project allowed for grouping of fixtures by functional area. To accommodate the normal changes in a building’s space utilization, the easy to use interface allows for fast reconfiguration of the lighting points without any wiring changes or need to relocate fixtures. The solution is scalable for any job size, from small to large. Integration into EMS or building management systems (BMS) can be achieved through the network gateways. 

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