SCE Wins New E Source Award for Excellence for Technology Innovation and Advancement

October 1, 2019

The Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council heartily congratulates one of its members, Southern California Edison, on being the inaugural winner of the newest E Source Award, the Award of Excellence for Technology Innovation and Advancement!

E Source identified prospective award recipients by scanning the industry for utilities who are forging a new path as leaders in emerging technologies. These utilities strive to identify and test new technologies as well as create effective processes for bringing these technologies to market. According to E Source, SCE stood out for its robust product development process: tasking one team with overseeing emerging technologies activities and tasking a secondary team with translating findings into products to hand off to program managers. As an industry pioneer, SCE was often the first to find and test new technologies, such as ammonia-CO2 cascading industrial refrigeration systems and phase change materials. With SCE’s persistence in innovating strategies and solutions, the E Source Award recognizes the utility’s excellence in developing emerging technologies and creating effective processes for bringing these technologies to the market.

E Source is a provider of focused research, data, and consulting services to more than 300 utilities and their customers.

Photos: (Top) SCE's Edwin Hornquist (left), Statewide Lead of California's Electric Emerging Technologies Program, accepts award on behalf of SCE from Wayne Greenberg, CEO of E Source. (Bottom left) Edwin Hornquist smiles while raising the award plaque. (Bottom right) A closeup of SCE's E Source Award.